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*;  The Education Blog from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is is a global educational movement for the alternate education system that provides a balance in life.


There is something going wrong in the personality of human beings, particularly those who claim that they are most “educated.” Evil has erupted over the land and the sea because of their deeds.The world is plagued with corruption, destruction, atrocities, lies, deceptions, injustices, innocent killings, and deviant behaviors due to these so called most “educated” and “smart” people of the world. We came to the conclusion that the “personality making machine”; i.e., “the education system”; is wrong. Every child is born innocent. We plant them in the machine as a raw material, and the school (man-making factory) provides the finished product. These finished products (personalities) have serious faults in their making. Therefore, unless we change the machine (the existing machine is too old and rusted to be fixed), the situation will get bad to worse, generation after generations.

Mission Statement:

Develop and build a strong, burning desire among the communities to change and implement the education system that suits best to their most loved ones; i.e., children.

Vision Statement

Every person should acquire everlasting and real happiness in this world that continues hereafter, life after death.


A worldwide movement. Plan, develop, and implement the education system that beautifies this world and beautifies the world hereafter and save the humankind from the hellfire.


1. Provide a blog ( for news, discussion forum, articles, essays, books, audios, videos, and all other possible resources.

2.  Development of a modern Islamic Education System and Curriculum for Full time School/Masjid-School/Home School/Home Basement School /After School and Week end School.

3. Establishment of a network of  Seerah Mission Schools.

4. Organize Educational Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions.

5. Publication of books on Education.

6. Islamization of English language through publication of literature; novels, short stories, and poems.

7. Network and facilitate educationists, activists, teachers, businessmen, affluent and working people, and parents to start all types of schools  all over the world based on a new integrated education system and curriculum.



Love of Almighty God with the hope and desire to get His pleasure and the Home in Al-Jannah (the heaven, the final abode)

Love of mothers who bear the children in their wombs and surrender to the Creator in the act of creation and nourish the children.

Love of fathers who strive hard for sustenance of children.

Love of children who are the most beautiful flowers of the universe.

Love of the beautiful people, the beautiful nation, and the beautiful country.

Love of the people around the globe.

Founder & Publisher: Jawed Anwar

*About the Picture on the top

I have written this page next morning (on June 16, 2012) when Nik Wallenda, the first man in more than a century crossed Niagara Falls on a high wire (stepped from a 2-inch wire). He made the walk from the U.S. side of the falls to the Canadian side, a journey of 1,800 feet (550 meters) over treacherous waters and rocks, in a little more than 25 minutes. Wallenda walked the wire with perfect balance and confidence.

Soaked by the mist and jostled about by wind from the cascades, the wire walker said the hardest part was keeping his bearings. “If I looked down at the cable, there was water moving everywhere; if I looked up, there was heavy mist blowing in my face.”

 I strongly sense today that I am doing the same thing, and I might have to go through the same situation with this project. However, I feel confident as I know the final result.


*About the line above masthead of

For security measures, Nik Wallenda has worn safety device. The device has consisted of a harness connected to lanyard attached to the wire.  The lanyard moved behind Wallenda as he walked. If Wallenda did fall, the lanyard is specially designed to slow the speed of such a descent and minimize the potential for any injury. “The way the harness works is it is attached to my waist and then there’s a cable that goes  down to the wire and a trolley of sorts that follows me. That trolley weighs about 10.2 pounds. It actually just drags along … It still grips no matter what throughout the whole process.” It’s unique for sure. It’s something I’ve had very little training on, but I feel very confident. I have trained enough that I know that it will work and I’ll be successful in wearing to the other side.” Wallenda explained to news reporters before starting the adventurous journey.

When I started discussion this morning on safety measures for this site and the project, technological consultants advised several measures, including different type of firewalls, software and supportware.

Finally, I summed up with some Prophetic words (AL-Hadith). This is our “firewall” and the “harness”.

أعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من شر ما خلق بسم الله الذي لا يضر مع اسمه شيء في الأرض ولا في السماء وهو السميع العليم  و لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللہ العلي العظيم


I seek refuge with the complete words of Allah. In the Name of Allah (God), with whose Name nothing on earth or in the sky can harm. And He is the Hearing and Knowing. There is no power but in Allah the High, the Great. 

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