Media Coverage: Ontario Sex Ed Protest Rallies on April 14

Rally against sex-ed curriculum about the kids, not politics

Sex-ed curriculum changes protested by thousands at Queen’s Park

Angry parents protest new sex ed curriculum at Queen’s Park

Protesters accuse province of failing to consult parents on sex ed curriculum

Sex Ed protest at Queen’s Park

 Thousands protest sex education curriculum at Queen’s Park

 Thousands protest at Queen’s Park against new sex ed curriculum

 Ontario’s updated sex-ed curriculum has turned into a ‘Conservative political issue,’ says education minister

London parents rally against sex-ed curriculum in Victoria Park

 Protesting parents ask Wynne to scrap new sex-ed curriculum

 Hundreds in London protest new sex ed curriculum

Sandals dismisses sex-ed protesters

Hundreds Gather In Victoria Park to Protest Updated Sex-Ed Curriculum

Tempers Continue To Flare Over Revised Sex-Ed Curriculum

5,000 parents rally in Toronto against sex ed: ‘We will not co-parent with Kathleen Wynne’


One Response to Media Coverage: Ontario Sex Ed Protest Rallies on April 14

  1. Freedom means we don’t apply our believes upon others but rather leave everyone to live practicing his own belief
    I wonder why they don’t apply this meaning at our schools! What kind of leaders who wanted to deviate the nature of our kids to be abnormal according to the common sense! I think we should take the case to human rights of kids as it is more dangerous than preventing them from education, hunger, health issues or etc.