Ontario Parents in Action Responds to Bill 13


ONTARIO Parents in Action arranged a public meeting for parents for awareness of the effect of Bill 13 passed by Ontario legislative assembly recently.  The meeting was on the weekend following the Canada day week, July 7, at a conveniently located place at Thorncliffe Park. Mr. Phil Lees, the leader, was the guest speaker. A large number of parents attended the meeting. Muslim women parents were also apparent in the gathering.

Event started at 11: 30 am with the Quranic recitation by a community youth hafiz-e-Quran followed by the translation/meaning in English and Urdu (a language predominantly understood by the community).

The event was organized by Mr. Jawed Anwar, the organizer of Parents in Action and initiator of Seerah school, a movement for the alternate education system. He is a well known personality within the community. He began his speech with English translation of the Quranic verses from chapter Furqan (the Criterion) in which children are referred to as “comfort of believers’ eyes.”

Continuing on the subject, he highlighted the grave issue of the alteration of school curriculum by the Ontario LGBTQ lobby who were instrumental in passing the Bill 13. He equated this act of manipulating the educational curriculum as genocide of the school generation that will be a victim of this skewed educational curriculum. He highlighted that the “seven sex gendered information” in school is starting right from kindergarten/primary level.

He urged the parents and the community to take action and oppose this move without any further delay.

The guest speaker and the leader of Family Coalition Party Mr. Phil Lees dedicated himself to the cause of gaining community awareness and support in opposing the Bill 13. His experience with public education system spans for a period of 30 years.

Phil narrated the typical response people get, when asked from their MPP, which is, “Oh no, it doesn’t change Ontario curriculum.” This is a LIE! They’ll try to convince you, saying, “Nothing is wrong with Bill 13”.

Phil enumerated few aspects of the history of this issue as,

–          Bill 13 is promoted by the LBGTQ community

–          To change the traditional values of our society

–          There are far MORE LGBT TEACHERS than others in Ontario schools!

–          A gradual admission before students (viz. “I went shopping w/partner…”)

–          1996 – Began community classes

–          1990 – 2008 – Student boards  started sex orientation policies

–          Principal cannot communicate to parents (when a child says he/she is homo),but instead leads them to “wellness centers,” which are centers for homosexuals)

–          Curriculum now has the LGBTTIQ parade information!

–          2010 – Gov tried to revise Health Curriculum (reported by “Hamilton Spectator,” only 2 MONTHS later)! A document “Challenging Homophobia” was encouraged to be used by every teacher in peel region. When asked why this was so, the response given was, “We want to teach about creation of all genders, not just heterogeneous. Traditional community reacted angrily.

–          In 2011 – Christian community went public with advertisement, “I’m a girl.”

–          INTENT of BILL 13 – As the education minister says“… to change attitudes, behaviors, … FOR GOOD”

He brought up the issue of an attack on the Bible by Dan Savage (an open gay; known with GSA network in USA) who terms the Bible as “irrelevant today” (search on YouTube – a video titled, “Dan Savage discusses bible…”). It won’t be a surprise to know that such people are close advisors of Ontario premier Dalton Mcguinty.  And the ONLY reason premier gave for accepting the schools act was “bullying.”

Phil mentioned that among the strategies to change values, clubs for LGBT were opened. He argues we should have faith-based clubs as well like MSA/CSA, etc at schools in similar manner.

Phil narrates, when 14 boards asked him, “What’s your problem, Phil?”), he replied, “I want to know the curriculum when it comes to the classroom.”

Phil warned the Muslim community that you are next with attacks on Quran.

Phil highlighted that we don’t have media on our side, but working together to respond to this bill will help.  All it needs is involvement and action from Ontario parents to oppose the changes in educational system –changes that impact our traditional family values and severely alter our kids’ upbringing. He urged the parents from Muslim community to write to the school district boards.