They Are Killing Our Children


READ the following passage in a list of long demands against Taliban in Afghanistan. Humayun Gauhar is discussing in his recent article; “They Are Killing Our Children” published in a Pakistan’s English daily newspaper.

“Give Afghanistan 24 hours to “hand over terrorists” and separatists to us or we will come to get them ourselves. Their lament that we don’t give their terrorists to them should be agreed to. There should be no such thing as “their terrorists” and “our terrorists”, “Good Taliban” and “Bad Taliban” just as there are no ‘Good Demons’ and ‘Bad Demons’. Demons are demons, period. All terrorists are everyone’s terrorists and should be dealt with collectively. Forget this fifth front nonsense.”

It is the same demand, and same words used by news media of USA and other western world after 9/11. If you read the US and British newspapers or news videos immediately after 9/11, you will find that Mr.Gauhar picked the same words, the same language, the same style; words of hatred against Taliban and demand to attack on Afghanistan to kill Talibans.

The “civilized” US and British news media was using the terminology; “bomb them”,” kill them”, “smoked out”, and “flushed out.”

Mr. Gauhar is acting obviously as a “spokes person” of the occupying empire by using the same terminologies.

After 9/11, it was US demand from Taliban government in Kabul to “hand over” OBL. Now after 12/16, Mr. Gauhar, a writer from Pakistan is demanding US puppet government in Kabul to “hand over” their enemies; Taliban; whose government in Kabul was destroyed and now are fighting against occupation and the current US sponsored regime in Kabul.

It is just an unintended? Is Mr Gauhar so stupid?  I doubt. It is intentional and he is very clever.

The reason: the purpose of 12/16 is same as was 9/11.

New York 9/11 was the “smokescreen” to attack Afghanistan and Taliban power of Afghanistan. There was no link of Taliban with 9/11. Not a single terrorist from the list of 9/11 incident criminals provided by the US belonged to Afghanistan. The surveys show that majority of people that were attacked and killed in Afghanistan didn’t even know that there was any incident happened on 9/11 in New York.

Peshawar 12/16 is another “smokescreen” to attack Taliban of Afghanistan (this time by Pakistan).  There is no link of 12/16 and Taliban of Afghanistan. As a matter of fact they condemned this act of violence.

After 9/11, US with it allied forces executed its pre planned objective; attack, bomb and root out Taliban from Kabul power.

After 12/16, Pakistan Army with the collaboration of US and the new Kabul regime will do the same task, kill people in the name of Taliban?

There was American people’s outrage against using the US forces to attack any country and protesting against the US Government before 9/11.  After 9/11 news media erupted against Taliban in a way that no one dared to speak out against this naked aggression against a free country. U.S got full endorsement of their people and they started clapping on the killings of people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is another similarity; there was huge fury in the public against the Pakistan government and the army for its ongoing military actions in northern areas particularly North Waziristan in which 30,000 people were killed, thousands of them are children and women (the data combines U.S drone attacks and several Pakistan military major onslaughts against its own people in last several years). More than a million of people are homeless living in the open sky. Now after 12/16, the people of Pakistan are uniting against Taliban and accepting to attack and kill the people on the suspicion of Taliban.

Mr. Gauhar also failed to hide his hatred against “Islam” and all those who practice Islam. He particularly derogated “mullahs” and those poor students of Afghanistan who are fighting against the occupation of US, and the puppet regime of Kabul.  Joining with the band wagon and using the same language of criminals behind 9/11, Mr. Gauhar is confirming us that there is a direct link between New York 9/11 and Peshawar 12/16.

The attack and occupy Afghanistan was planned much before 9/11. The reason is Occupation; Oil (TAPI; Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India pipe line by a USA Corporation), destroy a new emerging liberation movement/power from Afghanistan who could stand against the empire and its mega corporations, and to install and manage the empire conformist regime in Kabul.

We condemn the act of violence and murder of people in 9/11, and condemn Peshawar School Killings of our children. We also should condemn the State terrorism either by US or Israel or India or by Pakistan.

State terrorism and occupation is the root cause of the terrorism anywhere in the world. We have to address this issue first.

God and His created universe stand for the “Justice.” If we want to protect our own self, we should stand for justice and against the oppression, occupation and terrorism all over the world.

Children are innocent. They should not be used in war, enmity, and hatred against each other. As a Muslim, believing in Allah, s.w.t. and His Messenger, and the Book, we don’t allow and accept any excuse of killing children, women, and elderly people, in any circumstances and anywhere in the world. The killers of children neither know nor practice, Islam. Islam is not a “religion” that belongs to any person who has Muslim name. Instead, Islam is a way of life and belongs to those who practice it. If Ahmed and Abdullah do not practice Islam, they are not Muslims and they are out of Islam. And if Joseph and Lakhshmi practice Islam they are Muslims and they are inside Islam. Islam belongs to all those who practice it. The message  of Al-Quran is very clear, vivid, and obvious for all human beings without any copyright of any community or nation.

Children and women must be spared even in war. There are many hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) where the Prophet condemned the killing of innocent women and children during time of war.

At this time when we are mourning and rallying for the killing of children in Peshawar and consoling their parents in their grief, we should also recall and remember those young girls of Madrasah Jami’ ah Hafsa in Islamabad who were bombed and smoked out by Pakistan Army by the order of General Pervez Musharraf in July 2007. Their mothers are still alive and praying day and night for the destruction of the culprits, the murderers in uniform. The only “crime” that these girls “committed” that they were protesting against “night clubs” and “liquor shops” in the city of “Islama bad”, the capital of “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan that has constitution that starts with the words that “Whereas sovereignty over the entire Universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone, and the authority to be exercised by the people of Pakistan within the limits prescribed by Him is a sacred trust.”

Those girls didn’t killed or injured any one. They didn’t injure even a bird during their protest rallies.

And don’t forget to remember those children and their mothers who were killed in thousands by hundreds of US drone attacks and Pakistani Army operations in Northern Areas.

Particularly the children of those madrashs hit by targeted attack that killed hundreds of children; One was in Bajour attacked in October 2006, and the other was the madrasah in North Waziristan in November 2007. These are few Madrasahs among several others hit in the air strikes that killed young students; children.  But we never found courage to condole, mourn, and march on any of these children killings.

Don’t cry on the “selective” events like an Urdu poet Late Faiz Ahmed Faiz; he was crying and writing poems with tears for those children of Vietnam who were killed by USA forces but he was clapping and was thankful of Soviet Union when their forces were killing children in Afghanistan.

If you have a real kind heart then you should cry for suffering of all the children of the world. But if your cry is selective and “candle vigil out” on the selective events, I doubt, your cry is political, it is nothing with the feelings of death of the children.

You are killing their children and they are killing yours. It is revenge. Both sides are scoring. You didn’t consider Islam when you were killing their children so why you are bringing Islam when they are killing yours. Neither are you practicing Islam nor them.

O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah , even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.” (Quran 4:135)

4 Responses to They Are Killing Our Children

  1. Jazakallah khair. Finally someone has the courage to say this.

  2. Great correlation. Unfortunately, the whole creation of Pakistan was planned to destroy the “Muslims of Subcontinent.”

  3. Alhamdolillah. Some great points to be discussed. History always count on those who try to break BIG SILENCE. Jazak Allah Khairan kaseerah. May Allah s.w.t protect you & reserve immense reward of this world & Aakhirah.

  4. You state that New York 9/11 was smokescreen to attach Afghanistan. I agree that thousands of innocent Afghans were killed, America lost thousands of its soldiers, and spent over trillion dollars. If it was smokescreen, what did America want to gain from this attack and why are they leaving new without any tangible gains?